Language Attrition Research Archive

AAAL'97-Annual Meeting of the American Association for Applied Linguistics.
Orlando Florida. March 11, 1997. Dorit Kaufman & Lynne Hansen(Chairs). First and second language attrition: insights from production data.

Front Row: l. to r. Margit Waas, Machiko Tomiyama, Anita Reetz, Dorit Kaufman. Back Row: l. to r. Kees de Bot, Ludmila Dutkova, Lynne Hansen.
This colloquium explored first and second language attrition as evident from language production data elicited from children and adults. Attrition processes were investigated in speakers of Czech, English, German, Hebrew and Japanese who were immersed in environments where the dominant languages were typologically different.


Ludmila Dutkova (The University of Arizona, Tucson). Assessing child L1 and L2 narrative competence: Evidence for L1 attrition.
Lynne Hansen
& Jesse Newbold
(Brigham Young University, Hawaii). Literacy as an anchor for the spoken language: Evidence from adult attriters of L2 Japanese.
Dorit Kaufman. (State University of New York at Stony Brook). Attrition of Hebrew in the United States.
Anita Reetz (University of California, Los Angeles). Tracking Japanese returnees English verb usage...back home.
Tomiyama, Machiko (Toyo Gakuen University). L2 attrition and L1 influence.
Waas, Margit (Universidad Europea de Madrid). Attrition of immediate responses in adult immigrants.