Language Attrition Research Archive

This bibliography was first created in July 1997 by Margit Waas who bequeathed it in January 2000 to Lynne Hansen. In 2007, maintenance of the site was passed to the Kellogg Centre for the Study of Lifelong Language Learning, University of Oxford, and Oxford University Language Centre under the editorial control of Robert Vanderplank. Although no claim is made for completeness, the aim is to provide a current overview and research tool for those interested in or working on particular aspects of language loss. The materials collected deal specifically with natural language loss, excluding those on pathological loss.
We are glad to hear from people whose work on language attrition is not included, especially if you can send us a copy of your work. If this is your first visit to LARA, please let us know (It helps maintain support for these archives.) by leaving your comments in the LARA Visitors' Book. You can also use the Visitors' book to tell us of items you would like included in the listings.
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